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Jan 5 2013
Chilean State vows reprisals re: action on Jan. 4th leading to the arson/death of Luchsinger Estate Owners, place where Matias Catrileo was murdered by police during 5th Anniversary
Jun 15 2012
All Six Accused were Aquitted by Chilean Magistrates on June 1st
Feb 9 2012
Political Violence, Subordination and Resistance [in Chile]
Jun 3 2011
They will serve up to 14 years in prison. Judges rejected the version of Prosecutor Elgueta. The Hunger Strike Continues.
Nov 11 2010
The Mapuche Hunger Strike, the Chilean Government and the Antiterrorist law
Oct 7 2010
Jaroslava was arrested last week for G20 Conspiracy Related Charges

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