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Toxic Toronto

Tour showcases Canadian Environmental Injustices

by with files from Jesse RosenfeldDana Holtby

Photo by g20 protest photos
Photo by g20 protest photos

TORONTO - Tar sands themed floats, oil slicked activists and frontline community members wound their way through city streets on Wednesday as parts of the Toronto Toxic Tour. The tour made stops at RBC, the University of Toronto Mining Building and the Toronto Court House.

While G8 and G20 countries produced over 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions, these countries continue to shirk responsibility, supporting large-scale mining and industrial projects that damage the environment and displace marginalized communities worldwide.

Jasmine Thomas, a Carrier First Nations, spoke in front of RBC, a major investor in the Alberta tar sand. “The largest point source of industrial carbon emissions in Canada, and the source of millions of liters of toxic waste water, the tar sands are turning First Nations aboriginal and treaty rights, land, water and the atmosphere into a dumping ground”.

With chants of "Shame on you Barrick Gold, human rights can not be sold" the tour also highlighted the injustice and violence committed against communities in the global south by Canadian mining companies. “Canadian mining companies are destroying lives around the world through practices and projects that destroy the environment and tear the social fabric of the communities they operate in, especially communities of colour and Indigenous communities” mining justice activist Dave Vasey said.

The colourful tour of approximately 500 people brought together groups such as Defenders of the Land, KAIROS, the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, No One is Illegal and Climate Justice Montreal.

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