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Unto the meeting of governments and representatives of the international political economic system, called the G8/20 that is currently taking place in Toronto, “Canada” from June 25th to 27th of this year, the Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada, residing in Toronto working in solidarity for the respect of our Mapuche Nation, declare the following:

1. We do not recognize in these groups the moral right, or the political will to solve the problems of poverty and misery that exist in humanity. On the contrary, we believe that they are directly responsible for all the ills that we as Indigenous Nations and people in general face throughout this continent and the global hemisphere.

2. We do not believe in their economic system, imposed on us like a straight jacket and has nothing in common with our worldview. An economic system that legally kills us daily from hunger, malnutrition, and curable disease as well as their wars and the imposition of borders.

3. We do believe in their state, their jurisdiction, their laws, and their democracy. Before they came with their invasion and plans of extermination, our Nations existed, and did not need their states or their laws because we already had our own worldview and horizontal organization of government.

4. More than 500 years of genocide, of territorial, ideological and cultural plunder marked our bodies, our minds and our history. As a Mapuche Nation we still struggle to exist and they continue to incarcerate us and steal the little we have left, because state terrorism continues to be implemented every time we demand our rights. We can see this clearly here. At this very moment, in a country as rich as “Canada,” where the system attacks and destroys its people on the streets with lack of work, curable disease and social security, we ask: How can 1.3 billion dollars in security be spent so that a few pigs that govern the world can meet with the strength of their money? This makes us think that despite the powerful force of their police and military forces, they are scared. While the hungry, political prisoners or the persecuted exist, they will have to continuously corner themselves in their fortified buildings and in the same fences they impose on us, which will be their own punishment.

For the Reconstruction, Reclamation, and Liberation of Our Indigenous Nations!
Freedom for the Mapuche Political Prisoners!!

The Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada

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Women's Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada Public Statement

The WCCC's Statement in regards to the G8/20, read at the event "Confront the Invasion" June 24th, 2010. More to come...

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