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Press for Truth Reports on the G20 Toronto

by Press For Truth

See video

 On Sunday May 2nd, Press For Truth members Dan Dicks, Bryan Law, and Steve Davies went to 4 different locations to report on the upcoming G20 summit, including the Metro Toronto Convention Center (site of the summit), Trinity Bellwoods Park ((formerly) a designated free speech zone), The Toronto Film Studios (temporary holding facility for arrests made during the G20) and also the Financial District.

While shooting footage in the financial district camera man and PFT reporter Bryan Law was approached by private security who asked for his ID even though he was on a public sidewalk and was doing nothing illegal. When Bryan refused to submit his identification Toronto Police were called and Bryan was placed under arrest and illegally searched and detained under the pretext of heightened security due to the upcoming G20 summit. 
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truth on the black blocs

There's a good book for those who can read in french called Les Black Blocs, by Francis Dupuis-Déri, a political scientist at the University of quebec in Montreal (UQAM). The title underlines the plurality of the occurence of people donning masks and keeping proximity to each other, known as *a* black bloc. This has happened from Europe to the americas over the last 20 or so years. More info could be found quickly on wikipedia, a short little primer. There is no group that is The black bloc.
Who knows where the next moment that people will feel the need to protect their identities from the forces of order; but I was certainly surprised to hear the repetition of mainstream media propaganda in this otherwise interesting reporting.
Francis Dupuis-Déri researched the occurrence of the bloc(a name for a black bloc, not the one and only), and the goals and tactics used. Also extensively the proclamations of journalists, government, and police representatives over the years.
It can not be said that the black bloc is a grouping of apolitical hotheads, the communiques released regularly prove otherwise; it is a choice made by the logic of politically minded people. It can not be said that the block is always involved in aggressive confrontation, in the total history of the tactic. Much is said without any research. I'm probably guilty often myself.

Otherwise interesting subject matter in the video. Sorry to change the topic.

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