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Activists Protest Springbrook Fur Farm

by K.O.A.L.A (Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance)

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On Saturday August 3rd, 2013, an anti-fur demonstration was held at Springbrook Fur Farm at 1561 Berlett’s Road in St. Agatha, ON.  Animal Rights organizations from across the province were joined by community members in a show of solidarity against the cruelty of the Canadian Fur Trade.

Demonstrators blasted their message on loud megaphones and held various signs condemning animal cruelty at the factory farm.

Springbrook Fur Farm kills approximately 50, 000 mink annually using carbon monoxide gas.  Activists claim this method of killing is inhumane and painful for these semi-aquatic animals, as they can hold their breath for extended amounts of time. 

Approximately 20 people picketed from 12pm until 2:30pm at the entrance to the fur farm, and demanded simply that the farm be shut down.  Demonstrators stated that clothing made with fur was not worth the cost that these animals had to pay. 

One protestor was quoted as saying: “These mink are confined in tiny wire cages.  They can’t touch the grass, they can’t feel the sunshine.  They live bored, miserable, frustrated lives and are killed for what?  So some rich person can show off their expensive coat?  They’ve banned fur farming in other countries. Why is Canada still allowing this cruelty to continue?  It needs to end.”

The demonstration concluded peacefully and without incident.


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