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Anti Fur Demonstration - Springbrook Fur Farm Sept 26th, 2013


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Press Release:

A demonstration opposing the Canadian fur trade was held today, Sept 26th, 2013 at Springbrook Fur Farm at 1561 Berlett’s Rd. in St. Agatha, ON from noon til 2:30pm.

The farm, which is a ten minute drive from Waterloo, kills 50 000 mink annually. Demonstrators say the animals here are confined in cages so small and can barely turn around.  One protestor was quoted as saying: “The mink on this farm can’t engage in natural behaviours such as swimming and burrowing, they spend 24 hours a day bored and frustrated, and are then killed at a fraction of their normal lifespan so that someone can have a fancy coat.  This is unnecessary, immoral, and cruel. This isn’t the 19th century, this is 2013.  It’s time to evolve.” Farm owner Rob Dietrich was unavailable for comment.

The demonstrators played music and yelled chants over megaphones.  A news release about the recent ban on fur farming in the Netherlands was read along with a communique about a recent raid on a mink farm near Simcoe, Ontario in which 750 mink and 50 foxes were illegally released by the A.L.F. (Animal Liberation Front).

In hopes of disrupting the protest, a by-law officer ticketed cars belonging to demonstrators.  The tickets were issued for parking on a boulevard but cars were clearly parked legally at the roadside.  When asked about the parking tickets, one protestor said: “I’m kind of pissed off about the ticket but it’s not unexpected.  I won’t stop until those minks are out of that farm.”  When the protestors attempted to discuss the matter with authorities, both the by-law officer and a Waterloo Regional Police officer sped away in their cars.

Protestors then walked up the road to the address 1599, which is also owned by Rob Dietrich, and continued their demonstration at the farm owner’s home.  This was the 5th time an anti-fur demonstration has been held at the farm.  Future protests have been planned.

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