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Bacon Bitz

by stimulator

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Day three of subMedia.TV's G20 Rebellion coverage. Today we bring you updates on the Canadian Police State and we follow the Toxic Tour of Toronto.

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Topics: Environment

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retweet from the Toronto

retweet from the Toronto Police twitter feed " RT @Libour: those of us with better things to do thn cause crime/smash windows actually r enjoying #toronto #g20 thank u @torontopolice"

One wonders what made the Police retweet this comment. Are they trying to imply that folks not there to enjoy themselves are there to smash windows. Slick way for police to spread propaganda; under the guise of a 'retweet.'

Got me all "stimulated"!!

Fucking whicked!
Love yer style "stmulator"!
*wink wink*

Stay safe, well as safe as one can be with a shit show like this ya's!

Tami - da whammy.
(see ya when u get back)

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