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Calling BS on the Media: Great Moments in Fight-Back Journalism

by Various PeopleEnid Godtree

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Riots in the UK may have caused a headache for the police services and businesses in the country, but they've also caused problems for pundits and reporters alike.

Above, Darcus Howe calls out the BBC for completely ignorning the context to the UK riots in relation to racism.



Isabel Macdonald took down Fox News 'personality' Lou Dobbs, exposing him as having hired undocumented migrant workers after suggesting that undocumented-worker-employers should face felony charges.



Jody Mcintyre gives a lesson to the BBC when it accuses him for inciting violence against UK police officers who dragged him out of his wheelchair during a demonstration.  He also gets in a pretty solid rub regarding Palestine.


Of course little compares to the thrashing that at-the-time UK MP George Galloway unleashed on Sky News during the 2006 Israeli-Lebanese war.  FYI, this is the news corporation that Rupert Murdoch recently tried to takeover in the UK before allegations that his papers were hacking into the mobile phone of a dead 13 girl before police had done so.

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Great compilation

It was particularly gratifying to re-watch the Galloway interview. Still as epic as I remember it.

Boo yeah

Phew. I need more of that.

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