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G20 UNLAWFUL ARREST class action justice

by Daniel Libby

See video

G20 Toronto 2010 (PART 2) The pursuit of truth continues with mixed media clips relating to the G20 PSY-OP... PART 1: G20 UNLAWFUL ARREST the story of John Pruyn,  57 year old Ontario resident shares his G20 Toronto arrest story on the Word of Mouth Wednesday August 11th 2010 on CKLN 88.1 FM, full radio show mp3 downloadable here

"The G20 Song" (the official protest song of the G20) The Usual Suspects - with Dave Parkinson on vocals...MP3 to download (10 Mb) mp3

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DannyLiberty (Daniel Libby)
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78 words


racial profiling

The problem is with "racial profiling"  it comes from the federal Parliament and made for "visible minorities" only.

Most protesters I saw were "white" This allowed police to take systemic and arbitrary actions against them.

yes I saw "minorities" too and they can claim "racial profiling" without a problem.

all it's going to take to make everyone to care about what happens to protesters is if the  law  covers everyone.

one "white" protester has to claim "racial profiling"

It'll kick The Parliament and the Federal Government in the groin.

Quebec Human Rights has made declensions against "white" people just because they are "white" and it's Federal Regulated

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