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The G20's Accused Two Years Later: Pat Cadorette

by Carmelle Wolfson

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Montreal activist Pat Cadorette is currently planning a May Day rally and supporting students strike actions, activities he couldn't do six months ago. Cadorette's bail conditions prevented him from participating in protests for a year and a half. He was one of 17 people arrested and charged with conspiracy for the G20 protests in Toronto in 2010. Had his case gone to trial he planned to challenge the ban on protests in court.

In November 2011, his charges were dropped along with 11 others as part of a plea deal with the Crown that saw six of his co-accused go to jail. In 2010, Cadorette along with other Quebec activists revived CLAC (Convergence des Luttes Anti-Capitalistes), an organization initially created to plan political actions against the FTAA summit in Quebec City in 2000. Cadorette was tasked with coordinating transportation and housing for Quebec activists planning to participate in G20 demonstrations in Toronto.

After attending a couple meetings of SOAR (Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance), police zoned in on Cadorette, arresting him the morning the G20 summit was set to take place in 2010. After Cadorette was charged with conspiracy he was put under house arrest for 11 months and was without a lawyer for three months.

I spoke to Cadorette at his home in Montreal for this series on the G20's Accused Two Years Later.

This story was originally published on OpenFile:

I spoke with Dan Kellar, Mandy Hiscocks and Alex Hundert in the first three segments of the series.


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