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Jaggi Singh Trial

by Anita Krajnc

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The Jaggi Singh trial is about the criminalization of dissent and a fundamental attack on free speech, says Jaroslava Avila of the Women's Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapuand. Jaggi Sighn is being tried for statements he made to the media about taking down the G20 "security fence."

Sighn says: "There is nothing that I can admit to in the conspiracy charges, because there really was no conspiracy. If it was a conspiracy, it was a conspiracy of thousands of people to resist the G20, which of course is not a conspiracy, it's organizing."

Fluidity comments on the double standards and hypocrisy of state prosecutors on's website in which offensive comments by right-wingers, like calling for murder of media democracy advocates, is treated with impunity: "funny, Tom Flanagan never had to plead guilty for 'counselling' although he was saying (on national tv) that someone (Julian Assange) should be killed, not just to have a(n illegitamate) fence torn down... there were no police or crown attorneys asking for any penalty at all for Flanagan.... guess John Clarke knows what he's talking about, Jaggi's fingernail wins the day." See Carmelle Wolfson, "The Jaggi Singh trial from inside the courtroom,"

Video production by Anita Krajnc for rabbletv

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