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Kitchener March Against Police Impunity - Aug 17th, 2013


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Today, August 17th, 2013 a march against police impunity was held in downtown Kitchener, ON. Several local groups involved with social justice rallied together to demand police accountability and oppose systemic police violence.

Demonstrators marched down King Street holding signs and chanting anti-violence slogans such as “Stop Police Murders” and “Cops and Judges – we don’t need em, All we want is total freedom.” Onlookers cheered and honked horns in support as the march proceeded to the local police station located at 150 Frederick St.

After arriving at the station, a member of KW Occupy made a speech regarding the recent murder of Sammy Yatim who was gunned down by Toronto Police on a vacant streetcar. This was followed by another speech made by Ian from Poverty Makes Us Sick who demanded justice for the death of Ashley Smith. 

As police budgets in Canada spiral out of control and police departments continue to expand and become increasingly militarized in order to enforce growing austerity measures, the most vulnerable members of society will continue to be targeted and become victims of corporate greed and state violence. Continued government attacks on social services, organized labour, and freedom of speech has eroded the middle class. This has created a polarized society where police will continue to brutalize the populace in the name of law, while propping up a system of injustice where the few prey on the many. ####

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