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by John Hawke

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Oshkimaadiziig in the Anishinabek Language refers to the New People of the Seventh Fire Prophecy, who will pick up the many things left on the trail to ensure Humanity's survival in the Eighth Fire

An Anishinabek Council Fire, woven into the Anishinabek-Haudenosaunee Friendship Wampum Belt, located at Council Rock in Penetanguishene, "Land of the Rolling Sands" where Awenda Provincial Park now illegally occupies, has been Relit and Repossessed by the Oshkimaadziig for the purposes of:

Re-establishing clan governance, intertribal agreements and other forgotten traditional societies
Emancipation of illegal Canadian policies
Peer to peer counselling
On the land skills training
Contemporary/traditional story telling
Biiskabiiyang "decolonization" workshops
7th fire Anishinabek/2012 Maya prophecy awareness

The Crown represented by the Canadian State continues to impose its illegal laws and policies such as the Indian Act and Specific Land Claims Policy which breaches the 1764 Niagara Treaty, 24 Nations Belt, Two Row Wampum, the One Dish One Spoon and Anishinabek-Haudenosaunee Friendship Belt which are all based on Peace, Coexistence and Non-interference. These illegal policies also breach Canada's Constitution.

We are inviting all the Nations represented in these Belts and other allies including Canadian Citizens to mobilize in the strengthening of these Nation to Nation Agreements. This Camp is a place for the voice of the voiceless.

400 Awenda Park Rd, Tiny Twnshp, ON
Corner of Awenda Park Rd/All Port Rd
Look for Signs and Flags

For more info contact:
Jonny Hawk — 1 807 407 2390
Richard Peters — 416 806 6929

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Topics: Indigenous

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