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Resist Immigration Detention!

by Liberation Cooperative Organization (LCO) in Toronto

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It is really sad when people

It is really sad when people are imprisoned without any reasons, Prisons are for criminals and not for mere immigration reasons.

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I think we should work toward

I think we should work toward abolishing prisons altogether. Immigration detention is just one example of how the police, courts, and prison systems are bent on locking away people who have often been driven to "crime" by pervasive poverty, racism, and sexism (or who indeed commited no injury to their communities at all). If the so-called justice system measured injury to communities in prosecuting/convicting, corporate CEOs and bankers would be the first to the lock-up. Instead it's the poor and racialized who comprise a disproportionate percentage of the prison population. It's not a matter of locking up the right people as much as building a society that doesn't depend on the threat of incarceration to suppress community organizing and dissent.

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