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AW@L Radio - Smash the State Report: Apr. 26, 2013 - KW Anti-fa interview and more!

Anti-fa in KW discussion w/ Julian + Jesse. Then update on a prisoner-labour struggle, cancelling racist #TowesTV, resisting pipelines as new national pastime, and more + Test Their Logik Tracks!

by Dan KellarAW@L Radio

AW@L Radio - Smash the State Report: Apr. 26, 2013 - KW Anti-fa interview and more!

From the April 26th 2013 edition of AW@L Radio - Test Their Logik's  new album Be is about to drop, and AW@L radio is releasing a  few more tracks this show.  To start we have The War on Us, featuring KW's Janice Lee.

This leads us to an interview with Radio Basics KW hosts Julian Ichim and Jesse who describe the recent events at the waterloo region courthouse where a number of anti-nazi and anti-fascist organisers met up to let a few on-trial bone heads know that even if they are beating up each other, nazis are still not welcome on the streets!  We also discuss the history of resistance to nazi organising in Kitchener, and note some of the nazis who ran away to find more accommodating people in alberta.

We then go to Rejected Youth with Antifascista and come back with a press release from the bath prison in Bath Ontario where prisoners are resisting some newly proposed labour practices which would see them forced to work 7 days a week for 5 days pay and other unilaterally imposed changes.  It seems prisoners will be paying room and board as well.

In Montreal, we note the win in the campaign for a sexual assault resource centre at Concordia university, after a long battle by the centre for gender advocacy.  The group notes that 1 in 4 students, 80% of whom will be a womyn, will be sexually assaulted during their undergraduate degree. Staying with violence against women, we read a teaser from Meghan Murphy’s recent article for feminist current called Just Because You Like It, Doesn’t Make it Feminist: Imagined Feminism in Games of Thrones.  This is a good piece which reminds everyone why this show sucks. – it reinforces rape culture through continual rape and violence against women scenes as well as the “porny” and unnecessary  use of women as wallpaper.

Next up is some good(preliminary) news regarding the experimental lakes area (ELA) in treaty 3 land.  Thanks to some hard campaigning, the governments of Ontario and Manitoba will likey step up to fund the research area after the science-hating harper government cut the program to put the 2million$ into submarines...    So yeah WIN!

In efforts to get the show, border security: canada’s front line cancelled, cultural and media producers and professionals have teamed up to create a statement condemning the show and the sensationalist bias that profits off of human suffering.  The website also links to the petition to get the show cancelled!

Reading a piece that was also read in court later in the day it was written, Responding With Defiance: What to do when the cops knock is a great piece posted up on  by InConstantChaos.  Some reminders: You don’t have to answer the door; don’t invite them in if you do; end the conversation on your own accord (“am i being detained or arrested”); never say anything about anyone else – even little things can put a puzzle together for the cops; and cops don’t always play by the rules, and when they don’t they usually get away with it.

Next up is a short audio clip about farmer Montana Jones who is pleading for help after the canadian food inspection agency slaughtered her herd of endangered sheep to see if they were diseased (they were not), and fined the farmer and threatened her with jail.  If you don’t want to  give to militant radicals – please consider supporting this farmer.

We get to some pipelines and tar sands resistance news – first with a read of a piece looking at the unifying impact of opposing pipelines across Canada, with BC fighting the kinder morgan and the pacific trails pipelines (among other propositions) and the fight to stop line 9, and in Ontario, quebec, and NB.  The authors discuss shifting the problem from a NIMBY to a NOPE (not on planet earth) mentality so we don’t end up shifting the problem south (keystone xl) or north (arctic port proposal) in our victories elsewhere.

Focussing in on line 9 – there is a list of many communities along the route 9 pipeline that have received donations of between 10K and 25 000$ from pipeline company Enbridge.  This is what democracy looks like – and that is how much it costs...

Replaying a link from Ben West, we hear audio from the forest ethics campaigner on the environmentalists opposition to the tar sands and he does a great job countering the neo-liberal spin the interviewer was trying to include.

Closing up the news show we have a note on the April 24th barrick gold AGM protest where greenpeace activists from the Andes cell were arrested for brining attention to barrick’s neglect around the Pascua Lama mine in chile/argentina.  Impacted people form the Dominican republic and addressed shareholders inside as more than 100 protested loudly outside.

We say goodbye with Test Their Logik’s track Oilpocalypse Now, from their album Be


The Smash the State the Report is a segment on the weekly 2 hour AW@L radio (16:00-18:00est) on CKMS 100.3FM CKMS * Community * Co-op * Campus * Radio - Waterloo -

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