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Smash The State Report: Dec. 21, 2012 - IdleNoMore and More!

From Attiwapiskat to #IdleNo More, will help you report on it, and we report on it here! Also jump into the war on the poor in ontario and more!

by Dan KellarAW@L Radio

Smash The State Report: Dec. 21, 2012 - IdleNoMore and More!

From the December 14th 2012 edition of AW@L Radio - We start the show by looking into the Reporting in Indigenous Communities ( project just after their one year anniversary post - from Attawapiskat to #idleNoMore.  This project aims to help journalists tell the stoires of indigenous peoples without appropriating their voices - a decolonial approach to journalism.

We then get into an big update on the Idle No More movement and protests across canada and around the world with updates about the Dec 11 day of action from's Krystalline Kraus, a report form Kitchener's INM actions, and reports from Ottawa and London whtere over 2000 people marched in each of the cities in support of Indigenous rights and treaty responsabilities.  In london a white women attacked a car in the INM procession with a hammer and it reminds us why many Indigenous people have never been idle and whey they continue their 500 years of resistance to a supremacist colonial government.

Dan reads an editorial from prof Jeff Dennis of McMaster university on why settlers and our governments need to wake up and care about the demands of the Idle No More movement, then we go to 10 000 Shares by Cambridge going out to @AlexHundert.


continuing on with Idle No More - UVIC prof Taiaiake Alfred and UofT PhD student Tolbold Rollo produced a 2 page pamphlet called Resetting and Restoring the Relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canada that is awesome, easy to understand, and downloadable from their website!  Dan also gives it a read...


We then jump to more Smash the State news with an editorial from Amnesty canada calling on canada to start respecting human rights irregardless of the fact that other countries are also bad, or worse than canada.

Next up is a call out from Alex Hundert to call the jail he is in to demand access to books for prisoners.  Alex, who has been fighting for access to quality books since being abducted to prison for organising protests to the G20 in toronto has asked folks to call the CNCC, demanding that those jailed have easy access to quality and challenging reading material, and that outside books be allowed in without the screening measures which make critical political material unacceptable for those jailed leaving only romance novels and PI books.  Get all the details  on this action at  and from imprisoned nation Mumia Abu-Jamal, gives us a eulogy for Ruth Ma Ballard

  We then look at the news that the ontario government will be gifting 1.4 billion dollars to corporations in the form of absolved tax debts.  CUPE ontario head Fred Hahn responds by demanding that deadbeat corporation pay their taxes which would then fund social services and proper payment of public employees (like teachers). Hahn adds that the government is clearly fabricating the crisis so they can attack unions and social services.

Community Groups in BC havce responded to the missing womens inquiry report and it is posted up on the page of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs - *spolier* people are not impressed with the report.


and finally as we go to podcasts about the war on the poor in ontario (by AW@L Radio) and the Drug war in Guatamala (by Dawn Paley - FSRN) we also remind folks to check out the new weekday news show on - The Daily GRRR! - hosted by the Grand River Media Collective from 9-10am EST.  The podcast goes up on the web by noon (hopefully) so even if you miss it live you can still get your critical left news fix with a canadian focus by downloading the podcast!


The Smash the State Report is a segment on the weekly 2 hour AW@L radio (16:00-18:00est) on CKMS 100.3FM CKMS * Community * Co-op * Campus * Radio - Waterloo -

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