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Second Intermission

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I want to take this opportunity to express some predictions for where we are heading. Assuming we don’t find ourselves in a nuclear conflagration with the resulting catastrophes, the prognosis is still pretty bleak. Transparency will not re-invigorate democracy, revolution is untenable, and we are at a terrible loss.

To start with, transparency is unthinkable for the intelligence community because what they do is by definition clandestine. Likewise for law enforcement agencies not because they are secret, very public in fact, but because many of the acts and methodologies used are disreputable and must not be visible to the general population. In the same vein the social agencies, hospitals, even religious groups, need to keep their information private and secure.

The trouble is that none of that information is secure at all. The ‘Five Eyes’ of USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand soak it all up in vast storage facilities for retrieval when a target is identified. This includes everything we do that is not randomly analogue. Even then we are likely to be observed by orbiting cameras, ground penetrating radar, and many other stealthy technologies. Perhaps one could find a cave somewhere.

On to the predictions. I did not intend for this to be a year end sort of thing; I just realized the date a moment ago. One of the benefits of being in a trans-temporal state much of the time.

1) People will become inoculated to being spied on since there is simply nothing to be done about it. This will result in a general self-censorship of thought and behavior so as to not draw attention, and a widening of the gulf between the governed and the governing. Some resistance groups will attempt reform, but they will have been infiltrated and made to seem either violent or otherwise extremist.

2) The rise of technological resolutions to human problems will remain close to exponential, for those able to afford them. This will not be a result of growth in computing power, which may continue to follow Moore’s prediction for some time yet, but rather due to the collaborative ability of the internet. The notion that this will help in any way the most unfortunate on our Earthship is misguided or even delusional. They will be left as minions in the service of economies and the elite in control of them.

3) The middle class will be a significant problem in the years ahead. The divisions may well become quite definable as those who have enough want more, and those left behind have no recourse. The boom of retirement will enhance this disparity as all seniors require service at some level. That service will only be available to those with wealth. Most people should become accustomed to living hand-to-mouth.

4) Military and intelligence capabilities will be greatly enhanced by the technological and computing network. On-demand armaments, made on-site, will replace the expensively transported munitions today. Most armies will adopt drones and robotics as their primary delivery systems to exterminate largely innocent people.

5) The growth of acronymic agencies with a specific purpose will continue. This in essence means that within the foreseeable future a majority of ‘legitimate’ citizens will be working for “the man”, and bringing in decent wages, while the rest of us are used as labour to fuel this domestic and overseas inanity.

I have more predictions but not the energy to spell them out. Have a stupendous Year all my Dear Readers. Remember that the spirit is within you and spread joy and creativity where you can. Remain steadfast in the face of tyranny. Stay calm when intruded upon but do not budge unless forced to do so. Be circumspect. Love and let others love you.

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