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So, according to Harper, Agricultural Minister Gerry Ritz didn’t mean for the ‘joke’ about the latest listeriois death to be heard in public. Well now, isn’t that the rub. He has finally publicly stated what we have known all along: What the ‘Conservative’ Party says in public is what they say in private. What is derived from this is that they do have a hidden agenda and Ritz’s mistake of not following what has been said to be, Harper’s directive to let him do the talking so the wrong message doesn’t leak out, shows the voters their distrust is well founded. Add to this the lie that parliament was dysfunctional, when most if not all of what Harper wanted passed did pass, and a very clear picture is seen.

This inherent inclination to lie can be traced all the way back to the founding of the 'new' Conservative Party. We must not forget the deceit from those now in the inner circle of the party when the Reform Party took control of the real Conservative Party. Joe Clark and Flora McDonald quit the ‘new’ Conservative Party partly because of this.

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