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BREAKING: Ezra Levant and Greg Renouf Fund "Eco-Terrorists"!

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BREAKING: Ezra Levant and Greg Renouf Fund "Eco-Terrorists"!
BREAKING: Ezra Levant and Greg Renouf Fund "Eco-Terrorists"!
BREAKING: Ezra Levant and Greg Renouf Fund "Eco-Terrorists"!

Authors Note: Okay, okay! I just can’t do it - I can’t be as irresponsible and as ill-informed as either Ezra Levant or Greg Renouf – even when I try, so let me clarify;

Ezra Levant and Greg Renouf’s combined ego and ignorance has helped fund the resistance to Enbridge’s Line 9 and tarsands in Southern Ontario.

Talk about putting your foot in it!


(Hamilton, On)   After years of incorrect allegations that local activists are “professional protesters” and are paid to do what they do, one such Hamilton activist has finally received payment – and not from George Soros or OPEC nations but from Sun News Network itself!

On Wednesday July 23, 2013 Trish Mills received payment from Sun News Network, due in part to the ignorance and ego of both Levant and Renouf.

Their ignorance and ego, Mills claims, is what drew her to initially watch the Sun News broadcasts in the first place. “It wouldn’t have even been on my radar had they been remotely responsible journalists or reporters in the first place.”

And now? “I watch it when I need a good laugh” Mills admits. “Their materials have been excellent for a good chuckle.”

The broadcast that initially got her attention was of The Source on July 8th and 9th, featuring Ezra Levant using footage of Mills’ own arrest to essentially call her an eco-terrorist. She learned of it through one of Renouf’s equally hilarious and misinformed blog posts. “Apparently they were made for each other” Mills comments, smiling.

Indeed, when comparing styles and ratios of fact to misinformation it’s easy to see why Mills would say so. In fact, it’s even impossible for Levant and Renouf to ignore the similarities – since then Levant has had Renouf as a guest on his show several times.

When she viewed both broadcasts several weeks ago Mills noted they hadn’t even bothered to credit her for the use of the video - something she quickly found out they were supposed to do.

According to copyright law, film and photos posted in a public forum can be used without permission by news media as long as they credit the original source and author or username.

“It was clear Levant and his editors had broken the law – laws Levant claims to love and uphold so dearly - so I drafted up a copyright notice and invoice for the un-credited usage of my video and sent it to them.”

Twenty-one days later Mills received payment by registered mail.

“I was shocked, really. I didn’t actually expect them to pay and I really wasn’t going to pursue it. I just thought it would be pretty ironic if they paid up and, in turn, that money went on to fund line 9 and tarsands resistance here in Hamilton.”

So does she intend to stick to that?

“Absolutely. The laughs will be endless – I’ll never have to turn on Sun News or open Renouf’s blog for entertainment ever again.”

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