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Why won't Kathleen Wynne save the Bala Falls?

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Please also send the following letter to the District of Muskoka staff, including the pesky engineers who apparently see the Bala falls only as a building project, not as a  valuable eco-system which houses creatures protected by the laws of Ontario. Apparently, they do not think those laws apply to them.

ps This letter has been seen on Metroland media papers across Ontario, including the Cambridge, Brampton and York areas.




 We see that the pirates are winning. In the small town of Bala, Tony Zwig, a private developer from Toronto who has greased Premier Wynne with big-time donations, has hijacked the public park along the beautiful Bala Falls, has hijacked the future of the entire town. Destruction is imminent. The unnecessary power plant planned by Mr. Zwig and his shell company, Swift River Energy, with the help of the Mayor of Muskoka Lakes, Don Furniss, has not passed environmental, or other, tests. The developers have kept the public in the dark, not consulted with the First Nations in the area, ignored the fact that the Bala Falls is a migration path of the Blandings turtle which is protected under the endangered species act. How is it that these pirates have succeeded in by-passing all the laws put in place to protect beautiful places just like Bala? Who has given the permission for this carnage to begin? The blame ultimately lies with them, with the Premier and the councilors of the District of Muskoka. The people of Bala totally object to this power plant. Enough is enough. Lay the blame on those who have advanced this insane project to the point where it might begin.

            Canada is on the skids. Politicians claim innocence, distance themselves from their actions, think not of the consequences to future generations. They disregard scientific evidence, ignore their constituents wishes, and show no remorse when bad things, like the destruction of Bala happen. They don’t respect the natural world, especially the animal one.

     Canada is being run like a pirate ship. The way it’s going, it will run aground, bashed to pieces and stranded on the rocks.  Who will speak for the animals? Who will stand up for the people of Muskoka?

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