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We can't trust our officials

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The cops were the clowns
The cops were the clowns

 It is clear that Canadians can never again trust what our officials tell us. Not only did Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair lie to us when he told us about the new law to make it illegal for protesters to come within 5 meters of the security fence at the G20, but he actually authorized his forces to make arrests under this fictional law. As a result hundreds of innocent Canadians were subsequently placed in custody, denied access to legal counsel and even deprived of food and water for over a day. Not one of the politicians who were elected to protect our rights under the constitution spoke out against this outrageous act even though most of them had to be aware that no such law had ever been enacted. The silence of these politicians makes them complaisant in this. I name all members of Metro Council including the Mayor, all MPPs including the Premiere and all MPs including the Prime Minister in this accusation of perpetrating an illegal and fraudulent act of terror against the protesters at the G20, for if they were doing their jobs and were aware as they should have been, they were responsible to the Canadian public to stand up and tell the truth. Instead, even after the truth has been discovered, where is the outrage that our politicians should have been unanimous in proclaiming?

Unfortunately, Chief Blair has been set up as the fall guy even though he is nowhere near intelligent enough to have come up with this outrage himself. It is clear that the source is much higher.
A full public enquiry is required immediately and the full extent of involvement at the highest levels must be revealed and everyone who had knowledge of this and did nothing  must be prosecuted to the full extent to the law. If this is not done. Canadians can never again trust their government or the officials therein and anarchy is the only alternative.
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