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Our Horizon's Climate Change Exhibit at Toronto Free Gallery

March 1st - 17th

Friday March 1 2013
- 6:00pm
Sunday March 17 2013

Venue: Toronto Free Gallery
Address: 1277 Bloor St. W
Cost: Free
Accessibility: Yes

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Warning labels on gas pump nozzles. Exhibit open for two weeks.

March 1 – March 17
Weds-Fri: 2 pm to 8 pm
Sat: noon to 8 pm
Sun: noon to 6 pm

Toronto Free Gallery
1277 Bloor St. West
@ Lansdowne Station

1. Come in.
2. See the exhibit.
3. Contact your councillor.


The panels at the exhibit explore our globally-unprecedented solution to climate change. It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to view the entire exhibit. Admission is free.

Toronto Star article:
Live Green Award video:
City Youth Council of Toronto vote:
Launch article:

Our Horizon is a federally-incorporated not-for-profit organization that empowers people and communities across Canada to change the world.

Our first campaign is a low-cost, high-impact, globally unprecedented approach to climate change. We want municipalities to use their licensing powers to require gasoline retailers to place warning labels on gas pump nozzles just like those on cigarette packages.

Our use of a gas nozzle takes a problem of diffuse origins and locates responsibility right in the palm of your hand. The image on the label also takes far away consequences – like famine, the extinction of species, and extreme weather – and brings them into the here and now. Finally, the idea captures and communicates externalities in a qualitative way; it provides information to the marketplace and engages our humanity in a way that a price increase of a few pennies at the pump never will. This idea is a game-changer.

We have a database with every single mayor, reeve, councillor, and alderman’s contact information in the country. Instead of lobbying an unresponsive federal government, we’re going to empower independent representatives in over 4,000 municipalities across Canada to stand on guard for our earth.

When a municipality passes this by-law in 2013, it will make international headlines. The concept will quickly go global and play an important role in stopping climate change. Historians will one day point to a community in Canada that forever changed the course of human history.

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