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ICE RIDE: Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories

Critical mass style bike ride for the arctic

- 2:30pm
Saturday October 4 2014

Venue: Connaught Park to Trout Lake Park
Address: 2390 West 10th Avenue
Cost: FREE
Accessibility: this will be a family friendly bike, board, wheeled ride taking place outside and in parks

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Join us on October 4th, bring some wheels and ride for a to celebrate the Arctic with friends, family and colleagues, and be part of the solution!

The arctic needs protection now. That's why we're coming together to say all coasts must be protected from extreme oil development!

Ride in solidarity with Clyde River against Arctic drilling and sysmic testing.

We'll be having a family friendly Critical Mass style bike, board, wheeled ride in Vancouver as part of this Global day of Action!

More about Vancouver ICE RIDE:

12 noon: Pre-ride activities includes Ice Ride Art - decorate your bike, grab a snack, and listen to speakers in Connaught Park. 

1pm: Ice Ride Departs, Connaught Park and we will make our way along the 10th Ave bikeway to Trout Lake! 

2pm (approximately) arrive at Trout Lake to finish the Ice Ride

If it'd raining we'll have hot chocolate. Bring your own container or waterbottle to drink from.

Learn why Arctic protection matters and meet people in our community taking the power to change into their own hands. Ride with us for a green and peaceful future!

The ride will go at a pace that accommodates everyone who's participating.

We will have first aid trained people at the ride, but you are responsible for your own safety.

See you there!

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