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AW@L Radio - 2010-12-01 - Yves Engler: How the Right Did Wrong

How Stephen Harper’s government destroyed Canada’s reputation as an honest broker and lost the vote for a seat at the UN Security Council.

by Dan KellarAW@L Radio

On tuesday november 16 2010, following a talk at the University of waterloo on Canada's support for and israeli apartheid, yves engler spoke at the Kitchener Waterloo community centre for social justice with a talk entitled The Right Did Wrong - How Stephen Harper’s government destroyed Canada’s reputation as an honest broker and lost the vote for a seat at the UN Security Council.

This talk was a part of G20 Reading week, a week of fundraising through book buying whose proceeds went to the G20 legal defence fund.  G20 Reading week will be returning with the next G20 summit next spring.  Know Your Enemy, what you don't know can hurt you.

for background  on the topic of the discussion read the article:

or download the .pdf:

Harper’s Conservatives have gone out of their way to make enemies and alienate countries around the world. Under Harper, Canada has repeatedly sabotaged international climate negotiations; obstructed efforts to reschedule the Congo’s debt; failed to cut aid to the Honduran military government after it removed elected president Manuel Zelaya; repeatedly criticized the Venezuelan government; signed a free-trade agreement with Latin America’s most repressive state; militarized aid to Haiti; flew fighter jets near Russian airspace; unconditionally supported Israel against the Palestinians, paved the way for a possible attack on Iran; rejected a proposal to make diplomatic and financial support for resource companies operating overseas contingent upon socially responsible conduct; supported torture in Afghanistan and embraced an increasingly violent counterinsurgency war. The result? Canada has few friends left in international bodies.

Yves Engler has been dubbed “one of the most important voices on the Canadian Left today” (Briarpatch magazine) and “in the mould of I. F. Stone” (Globe and Mail). His books have been praised by Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Rick Salutin and many others.

with music from the class war kids (cherry poppin' conservatives), the rotten (enemy of the state), and the pedal pushers (fly your flags)

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