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AW@L Radio - 2012-01-27 - Smashing News, Decolonizing Together, and Poetry

by Dan Kellar

Friday January 27th 2012 - KW poet and artist extraordinaire Janice Lee drops buy for discussion on the local slam poetry series after we read a piece by @harshawalia on Decolonising (from and play Leanna Simpson's audio from the Occupy Talks: Indigenous Perspectives on the Occupy Movement.

The show starts with a Smash the State report looking into: a neo-nazi attack in Vancouver, the cost of bill #c10, an action against the canada-eu trade deal (CETA), John Barid's hypocrisy and more. We are also saddeneded to announce the passing of long term street warrior Ricky Lavaille, a vancouver #DTES resident. He was 52.

Our G20 Report has updates from the police slaying of Junior Manon, the call for police accountability, the crackdown on another anti-police blogger, spying on librarians, and a call to "action" from the KW Spot collective (

From KW Spot Collective:
Given the fact that it has come to light that many people who were targeted for surveillance, infiltration and attack by the state around the g20 were done so for holding a “criminal ideology”, given that the organizations that were targeted were political organizations, and given that arrests are still being made around people who are political for speaking about there experience as victims of state attack, whose aims are to silence dissent, The Spot Collective is calling on all people to call or email the office of the Attorney general and demand political status for all g20 arrestees, as well as all other people in jail for political reasons and by doing so admit that Canada has political prisoners and act accordingly. Furthermore we are calling on people to demand that the Attorney General end the political persecution, incarceration, surveillance and criminalisation of protest, ideology and dissent.

Toll Free Number 1 800 518 7901

Toronto number 416 362 2220


for more KW Slam check:

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