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AW@L Radio - 2019-10-04 - Continued Violent Attacks on A Kitchener Tent City

by Dan Kellar

This episode features a press release from the Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs demanding a CGL stop work in their territory. The remainder of the show is a discussion with Julian Ichim and Jamie on the recent attacks on tent cities in Waterloo Region as well as the opioid poisoning epidemic.



To listen to the full episode click here.


Today's show starts with a quick notice about the Friends of CKMS fundraiser (, then goes into a press release from the hereditary chiefs of the Wet'suwet'en who called for an immediate stop work order of for the coastal gas link project, due to the continued destruction of cultural heritage sites.

The rest of the episode is a discussion with Julian Ichim and Jamie on the epidemic of violence facing street involved folks ranging from the opioid and drug poising crisis and the links with homelessness and social based solutions.

Julian reports that the tent city they have been helping to organise was again attacked by reactionary hooligans on the night of October 2nd while a workshop was taking place at the site. Approximately 12 goons, armed with bats and knives destroyed several tents and assaulted many of the people living in the tent city, with 2 residents ending up in the hospital.  Since the assailants did not war masks, Julian was able to confirm the identity one of the attackers as local nationalist (nazi) party member gordon stewart (who is friends on facebook with white supremacist josh peyton of kitchener who is the legal surety of violent homophobe chris vanderwiede). This is the confluence of anti-anti poverty activists and anti-anti-fascists.

also noted in the show is that after years of activism from residents and Julian's efforts, and years of delay from government, a safe consumption site will soon be open across from city hall in kitchener.
 we also note that police budget goes up by millions every year (>160 million $ now) which has a significant negative impact on the ability to fund social issues.

Radio Waterloo Fundraising drive:

Links for Wet'suwet'en resistance:

Wet'suwet'en press release calling for stop work order against CGL:,_2019_CGL.pdf

Unist'ot'en resistance camp:


Links to Julian's webpage:


Show Link:




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