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AW@L Radio - July 16th - More G20 Follow-Up...

by AW@L RadioDan Kellar

AW@L Radio - July 16th - More G20 Follow-Up...

More support and solidarity for the political prisoners of the G20 and against state repression, including statements from Denis Rancourt, OCAP, and Tammy Kovich ( blogger.

KW peoples summit organizer Luke Stewart joins us for a good old fashioned rant.

We also rip some killer tunes and update on unfolding environmental catastrophes and resistance to them.

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activist connections, recent history


Some connection with those cited in the radio program... and link to some recent campus activism history...

John Clarke of OCAP-Toronto was a guest speaker in the first activism course created via academic squatting, in 2005 at the University of Ottawa:

Tammy Kovich was in that 2005 class and co-led the successful 9-month student battle to have an official activism course created. The committee occupations were dramatic and unprecedented. The official course was given in the largest auditorium on campus in the fall of 2006 and the opening speaker was Afghan MP Malalai Joya:

The open-concept 2006 course helped to generated more student and community activism on campus than had been seen in decades and was never allowed to be given again. Following 2006, I was first removed from all large first-year courses which I had developed, then (under Allan Rock) barred from teaching altogether, then suspended from campus and arrested and handcuffed while attending a campus event, and finally fired in March 2009, under the false pretext of arbitrarily having assigned high grades to 23 students in one advanced physics course.

G20 shows that Stephen Harper and Allan Rock are the same. Canada awaits a Malalai Joya MP and Malalai Joya's in every school and workplace. The conditions are right: There are war criminals and enemies of the people in parliament and everywhere.


love and solidarity.


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