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Smash the State Report: June 21, 2013

Swamping Line 9 in Ontario as sovereignty summer kicks off with the occupation of an enbridge pumping terminal. Another pipeline break in N Alberta w/ the devastation of 42ha of wilderness.

by Dan KellarAW@L Radio

Smash the State Report: June 21, 2013

From the June 21st 2013 edition of AW@L Radio – A little insurrectionary music starts off the show with Kill The Autocrat’s Constant Movement then we jump into the communiqué released by a group who kicked off Sovereignty Summer with an occupation of the enbridge pipeline terminal in North Westover, Ontario (near Hamilton). The Swamp Line action can be followed on tumblr ( and twitter (@SwampLine9) and is occurring in response to proposal by enbridge corp to reverse the flow of the 40 year old line 9 pipeline that runs from Sarnia to Montreal so they will have a conduit to ship western tarsands crude eastward.  While only part of the project has been approved, enbridge is moving forward as if the final approval has been given.  Quoted in both the communiqué and by the APTN,Tuscarora youth warrior Missy Elliot notes that the action is in solidarity with those fighting pipelines out west and resisting tar sands in Alberta.  “This is Just the Beginning!”

We then jump to Land Defenders by James Blood (Tru Rez Crew) and featuring Big Z and Fresh.  This track is from Comrade Music Volume 2 - Land Defenders for Life.

And in the #tarSandsAbsurdity of the week, apache corp has announced a 9.5 million litre release of toxic “processed water” in northern Alberta which has devastated 42 hectares of boreal forest and wetland.  This is the 3rd spill in recent years in the area and comes after the Dene Tha asked apache corp to undertake maintenance on the line.  This pipeline rupture comes as the albertan government sits on a report about pipeline safety which was commissioned in 2012 and delivered in May 2013.  This leak has been called the worst environmental disaster in recent history in north america.

Sticking with pipelines, Dan reads copy called You Terrorist!, which looks into the scare tactics employed by transcanada corp in the US, in trying to convince american police agents that pipeline protestors should be treated like terrorists.  This comes after the failure of 1 billion dollars to clean tar sands oil out of the Kalamazoo river after the 2010 enbridge pipeline 6 rupture that has destroyed 36 miles of the river and the adorning communities.  Also to consider is the Mayflower, arkansas pipeline rupture that Exxon is still trying to clean up and the illnesses impacting those who lived near the rupture.  And to close of thinking on this piece – how about the 40000$ that enbridge corp recently gave to Hamilton cops, or the thousands more they have given to city councils in the lead up to the falls NEB hearings on the Line 9 reversal.

Juice Rap News has a new episode which highlights the PRISM spying program and has Snowden singing like Snow...

Jumping to some jail news, we note the death of a man at the new Edmonton remand centre.  The man apparently committed suicide in the mental health wing of the jail which holds people awaiting court (guilty unless proven innocent).  This piece reminded me of Mandy Hiscocks’ prison blog and the stories of the ramping up of remand in Ontario jails.  SO i checked her site (she is out now) and there was a new piece from another inmate (at an Edmonton federal prison).  The piece is called The Beaver Dam Effect and is not read out here.  Mandy also notes she has a new article in the spring/summer edition of shameless mag.

A few quick notes on the way out of the show – check the campaign to support marineland whistle blowers and donate if you can.  Check out the interview with KW poet and musicianJanice Lee from last weeks show! And we close with Turtle Island from the fully funded Test Their Logik album Be.


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The Smash the State the Report is a segment on the weekly 2 hour AW@L radio (16:00-18:00est) on CKMS 100.3FM CKMS * Community * Co-op * Campus * Radio - Waterloo -

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