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Smash the State Report: June 28, 2013

Updates on SwampLine9 pipeline blockade +related country wide solidarity. Anti-fracking actions in Elsipogtog + near the Maine border. Border security news + Haudenosaunee Sovereignty and more!

by AW@L RadioDan Kellar

Smash the State Report: June 28, 2013


From the June 26th 2013 edition of AW@L Radio – Right to Rebel by Comrade kicks the show off. This revolutionary hip hop track is from Comrade Music Volume 2 - Land Defenders for Life.  We then follow up last week’s SwampLine9 coverage with news of a raid of the site and a mass arrest of protestors, including the police liaison and other folks who were not breaking the court injunction enbridge received the day before.  The Hamilton police handed out trespass tickets to many of those arrested and released them after several hours of being held in a police van.  However, some larger charges were thrown at 6 of the pipeline/tarsands resisters including mischief, break and enter and others.  Its interesting to note that enbridge recently gave the Hamilton police 44,000$ in donations.  Check and their twitter (@SwampLine) and facebook feeds for more info on the arrests and to find out how you can support (those of you with money but no other way to contribute to the struggle).

Staying with the battle against the line 9 reversal project, Tuesday june 15th say solidarity rallies, pickets, and demos across Canada to show a unified resistance against destructive resource extraction.  We replay and interview by Amy Scott of the Grand River Media Collective, who recently spoke with NEB hearing process intervener and long time Waterloo region environmentalist Louisette “Lulu” Lanteigne about the pipeline and the carbon economy.

And in the spirit of resistance, and to celebrate an amazing recent local performance, we play a piece from spoken word artist and activist Awasis: Firewood for Idle No More.

Back with protecting the land and the water from bad extraction, a Chief at Elsipogtog has asked the NB government to put a moratorium on fracking exploration as a way to reduce tensions in the community.  The gov of NB has given permits for SWN resources to conduct seismic testing which could lead to fracking if gas reserves were to be found.  Fierce resistance recently has led to over 30 arrests and the destruction of several pieces of SWN machinery.  UPHOLD THE TREATIES CANADA!!!

Staying with the fight to stop fracking, folks in Maine set up a scaffold over a set of train tracks to block a train carrying fracked oil.  ? were arrested in the #fearlessSummer action which temporarily blocked 70,000 barrels of the oil from leaving the US, and has helped ignite resistance on the east coast!

Next up is a reading of a review of an Andrew Nikiforuk article which asks if canada has become a rouge petro state.  While Nikiforuk seems to ignore canada’s brutal history of colonisalism, the article gives a strong argument of labelling Canada as a rouge petro state.

Back with Awasis we represent Take Back the Night.

And in migrant justice news, the demand for a full inquiry into the death of Jamaican farm worker Ned Peart reached a pitch on Friday – check out for more on the case.  Staying in migration and movement news, the BCCLA delivered over 1400 formsto the CBSA which refuse persmission of the signors to be filmed for the CBSA’s disgusting and exploitative border security TV show.

Jumping to a bit of class warfare – the head of the Ontario secondary school teachers federation has jumped aboard the teacher hating Ontario liberal party cruise ship and will run for the union busting douchebags in the next provincial election – Ottawa based social justice activist Dan Sawyer said it best on twitter ‘shameful and disgusting’ . 

Staying with shameful and disgusting, there is a new piece on which looks into canada’s new anti-masking at protest law, and then we jump to a piece from the Guardian which notes that UK undercover cops who had sexual relationships with activists could face RAPE charges.  Dan notes how the canadian public may want to look further into the actions of cops in the lead up to the 2010 olympics and G20 protests.

Moving to Indigenous sovereignty, we play the press conference from the Mohawk Council of Kahnaw√†:ke (MCK) where Chiefs Lloyd Phillips and Clinton Phillips have declared their actions to counter the recently passed canadian legislation S-2 which has clauses which break treaty responsibilities.  From there we go to the move by 4 mayors of south shore montreal towns toblock the historic land transfer which would see quebec return  land to Kanawake.  The settler mayors cry “we were not consulted”...

And keeping with historic events, at a recent commemoration of the Battle of Beaver Dams, Six Nations Legacy Society CEO Rick Hill welcomed representatives from the eastern Haudenosaunee territories to start a process of reconciliation.  The process is meant to address the unjust distribution of rewards after the battle where Haudenosaunee warriors beat back a larger american force despite being left without back-up by the british/early canadians.

And we close with a quick commemoration of our own – 3 years since the toronto G20 summit which saw the roadmap to austerity formed while massive and energetic street protests overwhelmed and embarrassed the billion dollar security operation.  We showed everyone that resistance was alive and well on turtle island.  In the fallout, 3 AW@L radio co-hosts were charged with conspiracy to party and banned from speaking with each other, or myself.   Additionally 1000+ were mass arrested and thousands more radicalised or otherwise pushed/beaten towards a more critical view of their world.  Lots more other really shitty stuff went down (check the archive for it all), and lots of folks started to hate the police!  We play Last June from Gallows to commemorate the occasion.

 Remember to check out the Daily GRRR! for critical #cdnPoli every weekday morning from 9-10am on 

The Smash the State the Report is a segment on the weekly 2 hour AW@L radio (16:00-18:00est) on CKMS 100.3FM CKMS * Community * Co-op * Campus * Radio - Waterloo -



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