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Smash the State Report: May 10, 2013

The WCDSB attacks one mom for protecting her son, as hundreds of thousands of moms are locked up in jails – a global noise demo sends them love! Updates on anti-Fracking, #TowesTV, iRevolution, more!

by Dan KellarAW@L Radio

Smash the State Report: May 10, 2013

From the May 3rd 2013 edition of AW@L Radio - A new tune called White Collar Blues from KW's Janice Lee and the Free Radicals kicks off the show and it leads into a piece regarding former CKMS radio host Paulet Biderman's fight against the Waterloo catholic district school board to investigate and make right the bullying that her son has incurred over the year at school.  The WCDSB has threatened Biderman with catholic children’s aid society if she refuses to re-enrol her son in a school after she removed him due to the trauma he was experiencing due to bullying by both other students and school officials.

We then jump to the call out for the Global Noise Demo outside of jails on mothers day to remember all the mothers who have been abducted by the state adn locked in a cage where they can't have meaningful contact with their children or other family members. 185 000 mothers are incarcerated in the US with 75% of that population being a survivor of sexual assault.  El Dia's For The Mothers closes out this section.

Moving to a good news update on the sickening “reality” tv show Border Security – the petition to ensure one particularly disgusting episode never reaches the airwaves has been effective as the CBSA has said the episode will not air and that changes are happening in the taping of future episodes of the show.  However, even with the changes, #TowesTV will not guarantee those targeted will not be pressured into singing consent waivers.

Following up to a call-out last week, there was a protest in toronto at the HudBay minerals AGM.  The action highlighted HudBay’s attacks on Mayan communities in Guatamala where they are operating mines, as well as showing solidarity with the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation in northern Manitoba who is being sued by HudBay after a series of protest at the mine site on MCCN territory.

Staying with the destruction from the extractive sector – Papuan people are voicing concerns over 1500km of roads that are to be built by military personnel in ther territory.  The extraction activities have already destroyed ecosystems and brought in a wave of diseases (with the workers) including an outbreak of HIV/AIDS.

Too Much from Lowkey (featuring Shadia Monsour) takes us into the next piece which notes the GREAT work of Inverness County, NS, to pass a by-law which bans fracking in the region.  The vote had only one councillor against, and brought warnings from the provincial government that the county does not have the power to overrule the so-called rights of the province for sub-surface materials.  The fight for local autonomy continues...

Next up is a note to check out the Enbridge section of which will keep you up to date on proposed pipelines and pipeline activity in the northern US which are potential carriers of Tar Sands Oil to the east.  Only through a continent wide struggle will we be able to stop the flows of the tar sands by chocking off the distribution pipelines!

Jumping to the cyber-world – we have news from germany on the unfortunate passing of legislation which will give the state and its security agents the ability to force ISP’s to give up IP information on internet users.  Offenses as small as a parking ticket may be enough of a catalyst to bring on this anonymity busting law. 

Staying in digi space, and to close off the news, we read a piece from iRevolution called resilience = anarchism = resilience which looks at the potential organising and mobilising capacity contained within the realms of social media noting that social media is the medium for social interactions at a scale not known before in human history.  Seeing the capacity of social and online networks grow as more users adopt their use, the article points to the potential of these networks to create capacity for self organisation without hierarchy – to rediscover the ideas of mutuality that the state has pushed out as it took over community services.

Another song from Janice Lee and the Free Radicals closes the show with a new track called Will You Go.


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