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Smash the State Report: May 17, 2013

updates on resistance to pipelines and canadian mining companies (and a how-to), KOALA hits african lion safari and hogtown mayday parties down. Testi THeir Logik and more!

by AW@L RadioDan Kellar

Smash the State Report: May 17, 2013

From the May 17th 2013 edition of AW@L Radio - Shows Starts with Turtle Island from Test Their Logik's new album Be and we jump into a report back, and report from the opening day protest at African Lion Safari which saw 50+ folks at the gates of the fringe animal captivity capitalist endeavour.  Saturday june 1st will see another demo at the site 1386 _____ road outside hamilton.

Staying in steel town, we read a report back from the hamilton may day anti-capitalist demo and block party.  While the cops tried to keep the demo out of the banking district, the lively may 1st marchers out manoeuvred the slow footed boys in blue, to joyously wave the black flags all along James Street!  While the cops responded with attempts at mass ticketing, the block party went off in a receptive neighbourhood.

And a final hogtown report back, this one dealing with the resistance to enbridge's line 9 oil sands project.  on May 6, at the site of the pipeline crossing, 50+ kind people took the 5 lane highway 6, for 90 minutes, one for each of enbridge's larger oil spills in 2010.  the #noLine9 momentum grows as future actions are planned all along the pipeline route.  Included in the report back is a hypothetical guide or "how-to" re-create a similar action.

We jump to test their logik's  indiegogo pitch to help fund their new album, which we have been sampling on AW@L Radio for the past few weeks.  We also themeatically jump to Oilpocalypse Now! from the hip-hop duo!

Coming backwe read an update on the Occupy Gardens! project in toronto, including news that the food security and community group has replanted their gardnes and spread the seeds of resistance even further.  2 cheers for community gardens!!

We then report on the eviction of an enbridge project team from Git'gat territory after the company's reps showed up, uninvited and without proper notice, during a community gathering.  The west coast Indigenous Nation has reaffirmed their opposition to any pipelines through their territory or to tankers in the coastal waters. "It's hard to imagine a company screwing up relations with First Nations people more than enbridge".

Reporting back (with link to pictures) from the HudBay minerals AGM - banners reading "HudBay Minerals, Corporate Criminals" and "Tailings Last Forever" were displayed as members of the Mathias Colomb Cree Nations and their allies, along with folks acting in solidarity with Quetchi Mayans in guatamala who have been violently exploited by the canadian mining company, denounced the firm.

Staying with resistance to canadian extractive projects, we note the new article from Aaron Lakoff, from the briarpatch magazine, which looks at the Innu resistance to the quebec government's plan nord.  And in a final piece on canadian mining, we note the vigil for the human rights of the Xinca Mayans in guatemala who have been brutalised as a result of their resistance to tahoe mining's project.  Over 3000 soldiers have overrun the territory after resistance to culture destroying mining developed.

A piece from Krystaline Krause highlights the tragic death of Anishnaabe women Cheyenne Fox, who died after a fall of 23 stories from an apartment building in toronto in early May.  there are calls to action to demand the police reclassify this case away from a suicide. 

A call for peace and to respect the two row wampum, on this 400 years anniversary of the agreement, from an Akwasasne courtroom after a colonial judge ejected the lawyers for 5 indigenous men accused of illegally running a casino.

to close out the show and following up to past shows, iraq war resister Kim Rivera was sentenced to 14 months in military prison after the conservatives forced her deportation earlier this year (and then cheered when her deportation was announced), the mother of 4 received a harsher sentence than other resisters because the court wanted to send a message to other resisters and their supporters.

Remember to check out the Daily GRRR! for critical #cndPoli every weekday morning from 9-10am on 

The Smash the State the Report is a segment on the weekly 2 hour AW@L radio (16:00-18:00est) on CKMS 100.3FM CKMS * Community * Co-op * Campus * Radio - Waterloo -

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