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Mad Pride Hamilton's insane party of the year to celebrate madness and consumer/survivor communities

by Mad Pride Hamilton

Mad Pride Hamilton's insane party of the year to celebrate madness and consumer/survivor communities

What: A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in celebration of Mad Pride in Hamilton
When: Saturday, July 19th from 1-5pm (tea at 1, open mic starts at 1:15)
Where: The Perkins Centre at 1429 Main Street East (Main and Kenilworth), Hamilton
Who: All Mad people, consumer/survivors of the mental health system, people labeled with mental illness, and friends who support us

FREE, wheelchair accessible, family friendly.

What to bring:

  • Your wackiest hat (or make one on site)
  • Your laughter and creativity (art supplies will be available)
  • Tummy room for snacks!
  • Your poetry, music, theatre, dance, and comedy to perform during an open mic (Mad people can sign up at the front door)
  • Arts and crafts for the Mad Market

Quiet Space from 12-5pm: Write, rehearse, or share in a quieter setting, take a break from the party, give and get peer support, tell your story. All welcome.

Mad Market from 1-5pm (set-up starts at 12:30pm): Show and sell your artwork and crafts. Consumer/survivors can contact us to reserve free table space. All welcome to browse and buy!

Community Meeting from 10:30-12pm: Advocacy discussion for consumer/survivors only. What must change in our city and society so that we feel safe, supported, and celebrated? What do we need to thrive?

What is Mad Pride Hamilton? Mad Pride Hamilton is an annual madness arts, culture, and heritage celebration organized by self-identified Mad people for members of the local consumer/survivor/Mad community. We have a right to be proud of our survival, experiences, ideas, identities, creativity, accomplishments, contributions, and communities – just like everyone else. Mad Pride has been celebrated internationally for over 20 years and in Hamilton since 2013. Mad Pride Hamilton also publishes a magazine called This Insane Life.
Twitter: @MadPrideHammer
Facebook: Mad Pride Hamilton

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