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Requiem for Gaza 2014

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Requiem for Gaza 2014


GAZA  2014: A Requiem


“Leave it to Bibi” the New York Post headline screamed on Sunday August 3, 2014

Sunday the day of prayer, the day of peace in a land screaming vitriol and vengeance.

Leave it to Bibi to murder more Palestinians, to kill and maim children, to eliminate their mothers and fathers and destroy and bomb their homes and reduce them to rubble – everything gone – the photos, the toys,  the simple treasures of a family and a place to sleep.  Nowhere is safe as the bombs rain down on schools, and UN buildings that now house the displaced and homeless.

Leave it to Bibi to align with State terrorism and Right Wing extremists whose goal is to ‘disappear’ the Palestinians to drive them into the water, to occupy their land and create more and more ‘facts on the ground’ – the Sharon strategy.  A slow insidious extermination.

There is no justice and the world stands by, does nothing as the Israelis cheer from the hill tops as the bombs rain down; a Sunday afternoon excursion to enjoy the carnage of ‘Protective Edge’, a shift in rhetoric from ‘Cast Lead’ which seems more appropriate as the bombs rain down relentlessly and those on the hill tops in the land with water, and swimming pools and houses  witness the enemy being crushed and relish in the  killing of the hated, men, women and children – the children, the children eliminate the children – there is no empathy – the Palestinian is reduced to a nothing,  an object to be exterminated just as the Nazis framed the hate and propaganda to demonize the Jews.  

There is no Justice – and the world stands by and does nothing.

I drive through New York state with acres of land, space and think of the people of Gaza,  refugees from 1948, crowded together in an open air prison – they cannot leave,  they are surrounded by tanks and guns and razor wire and the Israeli gunships patrol the waters and there is no more fish for the fishermen.  And the Israeli guns fire on the children playing on the beach – gun them down.   And the world stands by.

The Israeli State is the ‘terrorist’ – there is no justice.

 Joy Moore

August 3, 2014








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