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Trans activist Dean Spade on the maldistribution of life chances

“A system of racialized, gendered norms operates as social control. It creates narrow places where people can be. Very specific roles and routines and expressions for specific types of people. These roles are heavily policed. These roles line up to create a system of gender racialization which cultivates the life of white people, men, settlers, and owners while others, people of colour, indigenous people, people with disabilities, immigrants, queer and trans people, women, workers and poor people are exposed to hunger, homelessness, violence, pollution, imprisonment, policing, and deportation.” - Dean Spade, Impossibility Now: Trans Politics Manifesto

Dean Spade:

His first book is Normal Life: Administrative violence, critical trans politics, and the limits of the law (South End Press, 2011)

Reviews of Normal Life:

Earlier this year, Upping the Anti Journal, Issue 14, published an interview with Dean Spade: 

Audio/video of Dean Spade talks:

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