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We Want Justice For Our Communities Not Police Impunity.

by The Coalition Justice for Levi

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'We Want Justice For Our Communities Not Police Impunity.' is a video by the Coalition Justice For Levi Schaeffer and is posted on its behalf.


"The Coalition Justice for Levi Presents: 'We want justice for our communities not police impunity.' This 15 minute video which features hand drawn images was created as a piece of popular education geared towards explaining the complex relationship between S.I.U., police interests and the public. It aims to make accessible the often confusing legal battle that has been ongoing over the controversial police practice of joint lawyer retainers and lawyer vetting of notes."


(From the Video)

Contact the Coalition Justice For Levi:

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Connect the Struggle: Empower a network of persons working to understand, resist and end police abuses of power.

Donate: Donations of a penny to a plenty are so greatly needed and appreciated

Fundraising: Help the Coalition Justice for Levi raise legal funds

Awareness: Help the Coalition Justice for Levi raise awarness.  Spread the word.  Tell this ridiculous story.

Attorney General Campaign: Write to the Attorney General of Ontario and insist he adopt the Ombudsman's reccomendations.

            Ministry of the Attorney General
            McMurtry-Scott Building
            720 Bay Street, 11th Floor
            Toronto, ON
            M7A 2S9

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