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'Onwards from Occupy' project/contest

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by Toronto Media Co-op

Occupy Anniversary photo by Darryl Richardson
Occupy Anniversary photo by Darryl Richardson

Got a story about Occupy that needs to be told? A personal experience, or an interesting anecdote that never got out?  Have you started some awesome group projects out of Occupy that should be covered with a news story or photo essay?  Do you have some video footage you never got around to editing because you were too busy living in a park?  Now’s the time to post it up on the Toronto Media Co-op as part of our “Onwards fromOccupy” project.  We’ll hoping we’ll get posts from this project throughout the anniversary of the southern Ontario ‘occupy’ encampments from now ‘till November.

Toronto Media Co-op covered events live with our website, our national coverage in conjunction the rest of the Media Co-op/Dominion, and our print broadsheet “99: Dispatches from Occupy Toronto”. Now we want to document the story of the occupymovement and continuing activist projects coming out of occupy for posterity.  While we are primarily based out of Toronto primarily we also publish stuff from other parts of Ontario and are especially interested in documenting the smaller-city ‘occupy’ experience.

TMC is happy to announce prizes for post submitted as “onwards to occupy”.  There will be five prizes of a free subscription to The Dominion (or $25 cash) in the following categories, which will be judged by members of TMC’s editorial committee. and may be from the occupation, the post-occupation or any current project that substantively relates to ‘occupy’- with a priority to content without our geographical area which includes Toronto but also the rest of Ontario (there are official media co-op working groups in Sudbury and Ottawa and people from those areas are welcome to be part of this TMC contest). Content should not have been published before (facebook and flikr don’t count though) and must meet the general publishing criteria for the Toronto Media Co-op (such as no harassing or attacking posts, prioritize grassroots coverage) at the discretion of the editorial collective.

Just create a TMC account and post your story related to Occupy Toronto before the deadline. If you want to include a subtitle of “Onwards from Occupy” included in the title or in the first line of the that would help us catogorize submissions and make sure we don't miss yours.  


Best single photo- photo must be unpublished previously

Best photo essay- photo essays will consist of 5 or more photos and accompanying text which either goes with each photo or with the entire essay.  Should contain mostly original content but may contain pre-published photos if they go with the theme.

Best video – videos should be mainly new content but may contain sections of previously published video footage

Best news story- news stories meet TMC’s criteria for article status and should contain information from interviews, original research, document, stats or news descriptions of events with quotes.  Pieces submitted as stories which instead meet our criteria for ‘blogs’ will be moved to that posting.

Best opinion/blog/analysis- This category contains any kind of editorial, blog describing personal feelings or mainly consisting of a first person anecdote or opinion, political analysis, etc.

All submissions to this contest must be in by November 24th, at which point the Editorial collective of the TMC will judge the submissions in each category. Editors may have posts featured as part of the “Onwards fromOccupy” project but are not eligible for prizes. 

(posts with Occupy themes posted in the month of October 2012 will be backdated to enter the project/contest)

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