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G20 Map released: Fortress Toronto

by Geordie Gwalgen Dent

Attached, a map of the G20 Fortress being built by the RCMP-led Integrated Security Unit.

While much has been made of the security of the G20 people often forget how ridiculous the G28/G20 meetings are. 

Protesters around the world do not try to disrupt every parlimentary or congressional session.  They do not try to disrupt and stop every session of the UN. 

Sometimes folks believe a bad decision is being made and they protest it. But generally, these meetings continue because the public believes they have some legitimacy.  We know who is at the table in parliament.  We elected who was going to be there.  We know what's on the agenda at the UN.  We know that everyone is invitied.

This is not so at the G8 or G20. 

The Summits happen with secret agendas and secret decisions.  We do not know what has been sold off from the public purse or what decisions have been made to declare war, sell arms, impose economic strangle-holds.

We do not know which business leaders, bankers or political elites are at the 1500-delegation strong  table. 

Rather than telling us these things the heads of the G8 and G20 build a wall between themselves and the public. Like King's and monarchy's of old, they do this because they do not represent the public at these meetings. 

And like publics of old, this is why, all over the world, farmers, workers, students, women and men try to disrupt the G8 and G20. They try to cross the barricades and moats.  They try to storm the castles.  They try to stop people that consider themselves royalty from acting against the interests of the public.

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