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Bicycle Girl

on the death of a young woman cyclist October 11, 2011 in Ottawa, Ontario

by Roslyn Cassells

a bright red handbag dangles from your handlebars
Bicycle Girl
your shiny black helmet lies beside your bike
smashed to smithereens
and strangers sobbing
crouched on sidewalks
big guys crying, how they tried and lifted that van
off of you, Bicycle Girl
as you lay dying on the road

they say you got doored and
knocked into the path of the van
that crushed you
tossed your body
like a puppet
underneath its wheels, oh Bicycle Girl

if only fate had erred
had paused for just one moment Bicycle Girl
you and your jaunty purse would have sped on by
sailed down the city streets
with the wind in your hair

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94 words


This is so beautiful

I was also run over by a car two years ago while riding a bicycle in Halifax....

Thank you for writing this..


It was difficult for me to read... but your humanity really helps me..


I survived with horrible injries and now I live with horrible pains and difficulties..I get around with an electric wheelchair..



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