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House raids, warrants and arrests

by Tim Groves

This house was raided last night
This house was raided last night
A unit in this building had its door kicked in. A warrant was left on the kitchen table. Occupants of the appartment are believed arrested
A unit in this building had its door kicked in. A warrant was left on the kitchen table. Occupants of the appartment are believed arrested
Two doors at one building were broken in
Two doors at one building were broken in

Three house where G20 protesters have been staying were raided last night; activists staying at the houses were arrested. Six or more arrest warrants were issued and at least four of the people named in the warrants have been arrested and charged with conspiracy.

"The people arrested were involved in Indigenous sovereignty organizing, environmental organizing, and anti poverty organizing," said Mac Scott, a member of the Movement Defence Committee, which provides legal support for activists. They "believe this is an abrogation of Section 2 of the [Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom]," which guarantees Candians' fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of association and freedom of thought.

Police arrived at a house where 15 activists were staying at approximately 4:45am. 

"They did not have a warrant, we asked for a warrant. They asked for identification, they asked us questions, we refused. People were detained, people asked to call legal council. We were refused to be allowed to call legal council," said Niki Thorne, a resident of the house. Even when a warrant was later provided, those being arrested were not allowed to fully read the warrant before it was taken away from them. "They were kicking people out of bed, kicking pople awake," she added.

"I was in a tent in the backyard. We got woken up by two cops and put in cuffs, and there were probably at least six or eight police in the house," said Marya Folinsbee, who was staying at the house and is a friend of the man who was arrested. "They were trying to identify people. They had a big stack of papers with names and face of activists, some were organizers and some were people just doing child care for the protests."

The upstairs neighbours, a family with a young baby, were also visited by police.  

"The neighbours who were not connected to the protest had a gun held to his head when he woke up. It's so fucked it's so fucked," said an shaken Folinsbee. "They put neighbours who lived in the building in cuffs." 

One of the activists staying in the house was taken in his underwear into a paddy wagon waiting outside. The others in the house gathered on the front porch and sang loudly so that he could hear. 

Another house had its door kicked in and a warrant left on the table. Two activists who live in the house have been arrested and a third person staying at the house was also been arrested, according to sources at the Toronto Community Mobilization Network.

Another unit in the same building also had it door kicked in.

Two other activists have been informed that there are warrants out for their arrest, and it is believed that they will be turning themselves in to police.

According to a tweet from the Movement Defence Committee the arrests were of "key organizers." 

"We have a message to all those today: rights have never been granted or given, they have won," said Scott on behalf of the Movement Defence Committee. 

Supporters of those arrested will gather outside the Toronto Film Studios starting at noon to provide solidarity. The film studios have been converted into a temporary jail. They are located at  629 Eastern Ave.



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542 words


civil rights violated

The people arrested here did nothing more than organize peaceful marches and assemblies of civil protest against the G8.

It is their constitutional right to exercise free speech and assembly and to dissent from the State on matters of public policy.

These arrests and others like them are abuses of power, draconian, totalitarian exercises, violations of civil rights, signalling the descent of Canada into a police state.

This simply polarizes the situation even more. If in Canada we do not have the right of free assembly, that creates the conditions whereby real terrorism will occur. The cycle of violence will escalate.

Already we have state and corporate imposed terrorism against nature and peoples in the so-called developing nations. The fascist Harper government facilitates this fully. That is why civil protest is necessary, to say it is wrong.

Canadians have the right to dissent to from this incredible abuse of power and betrayl of public trust. Now neighbours are having guns pointed at them.

The arrests simply cement in mind and those of others that the State in Canada now lacks any moral authority and has become little more than a terrorist organization, to create fear and intimidation.


629 eastern avenue (at pape) from noon on -

if you are planning to attend the people's first march, there will be a a group leaving afterwards.


Congrats on publishing this very important story. However, please clean up the typos and spelling mistakes - there are WAY too many. It brings the story into disrepute if it looks amateurish. Sorry about posting this comment, there is no "contact" listing.

Nazi Canada

If thats what you think of Canada and you don't like it ....... LEAVE !!!!!!!!!!!

and so many people think

 .. that we live in a democracy. Nazi Canada..

g20 house raids

Is it quite likely that although none of these police actions are legal, won't stand up to scrutiny at the court level, or more likely that the charges will be thrown out before that by the Crown, that this is part of the plan? Much like the secret regs? Power for now, but later: ooops, we were wrong?

Solidarity with the G8 protestors.

This is insane and we cannot let it  just happen to us. Canada has been spiraling downward for a long time. We are with all of you and stand as one in Solidarity. The People United Shall Never Be Defeated!

In Vancouver

Toronto and the G-Monsters

The whole city HATES  G-8 G-20 and begins to understand a little better what a police state is. TO has become a giant fenced-in Piggery. People are pissed no matter their politics. US Military helicopters are everywhere overhead at all hours, the trains, buses and subways are interrupted. This is about as close to an invasion as TO has experienced and Harper, McGuinty , Mayor Miller and the G-monsters will not be forgotten.  And clearly the hostility and intimidation exhibited by the Toronto police has reached a new level of unacceptable authoritarianism. Kudos to the Black Bloc for giving expression and delight to many - the image of burning squad cars was pleasant indeed. As was the RBC no matter what the nervous nellies say.  Burn Baby Burn!


You are in for us; we are out

You are in for us; we are out for you.

YES YES YES I Totally agree

YES YES YES I Totally agree

Nazi's are people who destroy

Nazi's are people who destroy a city they claim to represent. Threaten people who live there. Vandalize buildings that show no respect to any cause. Nazi's are people who decide on a close-minded idea and enforce it on anyone who will not listen. Don't bring war to our door step. Because the smarter, and worthy Canadians will not stand behind you when they take you away in cuffs if you have threatened where we lived peacefully 5 days ago. Do not take away someone elses rights, and then claim you have not been given yours.

we love you toronto! stay strong!

hey and big love to the folks in Toronto fighting the good fight. you're not alone. This violence makes it clear what kind of country the Harper government and the city of Toronto and the G8/G20 want us to be living in: a police state. You're standing for all of our rights.

G20 arrests

To all the people out there complaining about the arrests that were made last night. Would you knock it off, the people arrested were done so on just grounds. The protest started off legally and peaceful then a group of criminals ruined it for every one. To any one that thinks the criminals that torched police cars and destroyed private property and store fronts are activists pull your heads out of your rears thes people do nothing but destroy the right to free speech.

I find it extremely funny all these people that wine and cry about free speech and there rights are always the ones that causing destruction and are the ones that you would never see serve there country to protect that they just choose to destroy the peace of there country.

I am all for protesting against what you feel is wrong but there is never the need to turn violent and the destruction of property only takes away from the message people are trying to get across and totally justifys the 2 billion dollar cost of security for the G20.

The police have been very restrained in this hole situation, if I was incharge of the police i would of used tear gas more and the RIOT ACT would have been read ending all protests, to all that disagree then sign up with the military and fight for your country, if not then dont complain people died for your right to protest not to cause destruction for no reason.

Remeber do not confuse the right to Protest and Free Speach with destuction that was caused in Toronto. This is not a police state they are there to protect peoples right to safety which in my opion trumps your right to be an anarchist (criminal).


Police cars get burned, children get terrorized, the financial district gets mobbed, storefronts get smashed, the Eaton Centre gets locked down, and the media whips people into a frenzy.

...and you expect a thank you letter?!

1. When warrants are served, it is your right to discern the legality of of said warrant WITHIN REASON. The arguing of validity and legal intricacy is reserved for any ensuing court case. It's never allowed on the scene. Police served the warrant and enact it. The courts decide on the rest. By the article's own reporting, the warrants were served properly.

2. RE: A gun to the head. Incendiary phrase and likely a witness statement. And just as likely wrong. Police are trained to aim for body mass, not heads. And, yes, during a raid, weapons are out and pointed even at sleeping subjects who mut be awaken. Believe it or not, this is done to maintain safety for all involved. Show of force prevents violence and injury. Unless you think police actions should be undertaken with only softspoken but firm language.

3. I have no idea if the people arrested were actually involved in the violence and hooliganism. If they are innocent then they will be proven so. We do not live in a Nazi society -- enough with that hyperbole as you do an injustice to those who suffered under the actual Nazi regime. What those arrested endured is a mild indignity and a great inconvenience. What happened to actual Nazi victims was often indescribable and lethal and beyond reprehensible. Get some perspective by reading a book, once in a while.

4. Given the choice, I'd rather be overpoliced than underprotected. I prefer living in Toronto much more than downtown Detroit or South Central LA.

5. All that said, if people were mistreated by officers than legal action should be undertaken. However, since the all know the level of scrutiny on these events, I highly doubt officers acted in any wild west fashion.

This article reeks of the same sensationalism shown by the major media, albeit with a different perspective. I'm sure the truth lies somewhere firmly in between.


 Well said.  Thank you.

White Hat, prepare for

White Hat, prepare for itemized destruction.

1. So by your logic, the reason (or lack thereof!) WHY the warrant was created in the first place doesn't mean shit? It was served and that's that? Swing that judgmental pendulum back the other way, if it was YOUR house that was busted into at 5 in the morning, a warrant was waved in your face, taken away before you had the chance to finish reading it, and you were hauled into a cruiser for what appears to be no reason at all, would you just shrug your shoulders and say "Oh well, the warrant was served correctly!" Hell no, you know you wouldn't. It's so easy to sit behind a keyboard and spew jargon, much harder to put yourself in that position.

2. "Show of force" does not have to equal a drawn weapon with the potential for being discharged. As for it being aimed at the head, I actually have to agree with you that it's likely an incendiary phrase, but where the weapon was pointed isn't exactly the major issue. Those officers (primarily the one in question) could have accomplished the exact same thing with a billy club rather than a drawn firearm. It's not about force, it's about dominance. But again, they were there for bullshit reasons to begin with.

3. "If they were innocent they will be proven so"? "A mild indignity"? Again, you're being totally ignorant of the idea (from the sounds of things, the FACT) that those officers had NO BUSINESS being in that house! They were there because of hearsay, conjecture, no SOLID evidence of anything going on.

4. Pointless comparisons between Toronto and Detroit/South-Central LA. Totally pointless. Different cities, different cultures. Prooves nothing, doesn't contribute to your point about over-"protection" vs. under-"protection", just pro-Toronto sentiment lazily tossed in there to make your post longer. But here's a thought - how about not having to choose between over-policing or under-protection, how about a society where you legitimately don't need to worry about being protected. Wouldn't that be nice?

5. You're right - people were mistreated, and action needs to be taken against the people who mistreated them. STILL doesn't attack the fact that they should never have been mistreated in the first place. There's a time and place for proactivity - but not like this.

so sad so many fell into the trap

I saw people breaking windows and riot cops in full gear standing 40 feet away watching at yonge and college. The only people trying to stop them were protesters.  The cops were only interested in herding the march into Queens Park and surrounding them there. There i saw people grabbed from the crowd thrown to the ground. The attacks that took place at the jail solidarity action were appalling as was the surrounding of hundreds at queen and spadina tonight so they could not leave in the pouring rain. The police car burning  incident was a perfect photo op to help them justify all was an obvious set up. And whether the windows were broken by protesters or provocatuers (i would guess both) the cops could have prevented that if protection was their goal. As it is the burning cars and broken windows did exaclty what the oligarchs wanted, help to justify a billion dollar downpayment on a police state to the misinformed  and frightened public. If no one had gone near the fence the government would have looked so bad it could have been defeated in no time, Now we will be lucky to get out from under a regiime that is ruthlessly stripping canadians of their rights and freedoms in so mnay ways from water to social services, housing to legal access, the list goes on.

We all must realize this is where we are and see this as a beginning of a whole new paradigm where many more people are now awake to the fact we have a problem and cannot afford to be complacent. We must be creative smart and strategic as the pressure builds, They now have a whole new database of activists to harrass. We need to shed a very bright light on the reality that the majority are people who are being targetted because they believe in our right to a better future and a healthy planet and have the courage to dedicate their time and energy to that end.  This is not over, we must bear witness to the truth, discredit misinformation, and show people there are better ways to solve our many critical problems. Maybe the g20 will the event  that takes the struggle for justice and equality to a new level that fights for what humane and sustainable and discards all that is not...we cant defeat "the power" with violence,  but we can evolve beyond it. Be the change you want to see, and dont act like the devil you want to defeat

civil rights violated

Why is it that the people complaining about "violaton of our civil rights" never seem to understand that with all rights and privilages come responsibilities. Pol. Sci. 101 It is a social contract. In echange for the freedoms in our charter we have a responsibility. That is to keep the peace and be of good behaviour in case you didn't know. I didn't see much of that from the activists in Toronto last weekend. Futher more, what the hell did these people think they were going to accomplish with the protests never mind the riot. The G20 attendees do not, have not and will never give a rat's ass about your complaints. Save yourself the energy next time and stay home.

A Question to you......

So it's ok for activists and campaigners for world justice to live under intimidation and constant threat of  state repression? While at the same time the  heads of corporations and nation state governments can create global policy to decide the fate of millions of peoples lives, while creating laws to safeguard the destruction of entire ecosystems? That seems a bit hypocricital.

Multi-national firms and banks are inherently violent, it's just their violence happens at the end of someone elses gun, usually the military and police force of a sympathetic government. So what's worse? : smashing the property of  a financial institution; or profiting from war and the destruction of the worlds biosphere and lobbying for creation of laws and marketing that makes this profiting legal and acceptable?

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