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Occupiers Feel Betrayed by Church

Interview With Kevin Konnyu

by Megan Kinch


TMC: What happaned with the Press conference at the church?

Kevin: There was a press conference. The church has said that they are asking the occupiers to leave their portion of the park and respect the judges decision. 

TMC: But we know that the decision specifically only applied to the city-owned portion of the church?

Kevin: Even though that decisions actually only applies to the cities portion of the park.  But the church went ahead and asked the police to put eviction notices on their portion of the property.And so where in New York several churches have opened their doors to occupers, the Toronto church is not only closing their doors but kicking us off their property [where occupy has camped for over a month], telling us to abide by the 5:30 AM to 12:01 curfew.

TMC: How are you feeling about this?

Kevin: Many of us are quite angry and feel quite betrayed by them. Because In good faith we didn’t mention the whole time the historical insujustices that the church has been guilty of, such as Anglican churches involved in residential schools. But now, personally, I am calling them out and saying that while we are trying to highlight and address the ongoing injustices of which I consider them historically complicit in, they are once again turning their backs on the people, on the most vulnerable and siding with the authorities and the 1% who would like the occupy movement to be less “inconvenient”.  I cannot believe that minor inconvenience is being treated with greater respect and concern than the worsening injustices and oppression communities and the environment are facing. 

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