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Poll shows 90% of Sunnews viewers don't know the difference between cannabis and crack.

by Daniel Johnson

Poll results from the Sunnews website.
Poll results from the Sunnews website.

The Sunnews website's online poll for November 6, 2013 asked the question '"Both Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau have admitted to using illegal drugs while in elected office. Should both politicians be held to the same standard?". The result was a startling 90% yes, shedding light on just how disconnected from reality, and from society at large, the average Sunnews viewer is. 

The equation of cannabis to crack has generally not been used in an official context by prohibitionists since the late 1980s, which means Sun viewers are on the lunatic fringe even in the context of the taxpayer funded anti-legalization movement, and this is something Conservatives, many of whom are medical marijuana users, should be concerned about as a growing element with the Canadian Conservative party if they want to avoid a similar catastrophe to what we just saw south of the border.

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