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TMC is hiring!

Looking for a Membership and Admin Coordinator

by Toronto Media Co-op

TMC is hiring!

The Toronto Media Co-op is seeking a candidate for our Membership and Admin Coordinator position.

This position is funded by a Canada Summer Jobs Grant and can only be filled by a someone between 18-30 years of age registered as a full-time student during the preceding academic year and returning to school on a full time basis.

This position will last for 8 weeks and must be completed by 08/31/2013.

Are you interested in being a paid journalist for the summer?  The Toronto Media Co-op is looking for someone interested in covering grassroots events in Toronto and to engage in outreach to other groups in the community.

Duties of the position:

  • create news content for the Toronto Media Co-op website and newspaper, including news articles, photo essays and audio and video recordings on local news and events in Toronto.
  • cover special events and community celebrations, initiatives to protect the environment and promote public health and local cultural activities.
  • help with the administration of the website, including copyediting, moderating and updating the events settings.
  • administering our social media networking strategy.
  • outreach to community organizations and groups that are not yet adequately represented by the Toronto Media Co-op, specifically newcomer organizations, youth groups, aboriginals in Toronto, persons with disabilities and historically marginalized groups (people of colour, queer people, etc.). The candidate will introduce these groups to the Toronto Media Co-op and invite them to become more involved in getting their perspectives and stories included on the website or in print.


  • education or experience in journalism, non-profit admin or communications
  • experience in working with grassroots community organizing and/or community grassroots media organizations
  • experience in working with newcomer organizations, youth groups, aboriginals in Toronto, persons with disabilities and historically marginalized groups (people of colour, queer people, etc.)
  • good writing and presentation skills:  Present complex stories to readers in clear accessible, easy-to-read language
  • work collectively with TMC editors, Media Co-op staff and other TMC members
  • ability to "hit the ground running" and begin writing and working immediately.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume and example of news writing by June 15th to Toronto Media Co-op Hiring Committee at

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