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VIDEO 3minute film: Niagara Animal Defense League's Season of Protesting Marineland Abusement Park Invites you to the final protest of the season, SUNDAY OCT 7

by Zach RuiterOwen SheppardKirk HolmesDylan Powell

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According to one child, "My wish is for all the water friends to be free from Marineland"

We hear that a group of concerned citizens will be holding a demonstration at Marineland on Sunday October 7th 2012 protesting against animal use and animal captivity at Marineland and educating the public about the inherent cruelty involved.

FB Event:

Marineland is a marine/amusement park located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Marineland is one of the most widely publicized and controversial captive facilities in Canada.

Marineland has been the target of intense local, regional and international criticism for keeping

whales (they currently house the largest group of captive belugas in the world), dolphins and pinnipeds (walruses and sea lions); for its ongoing removal of significant numbers of whales, dolphins and pinnipeds from the wild; and for providing their land animal species (elk, deer and bears) with barren, often overcrowded conditions.
We have confirmed that Ric O'Barry of Save Japan Dolphins will be attending the demonstration as well! for more information, visit

Make your own signs, or borrow one when you arrive. We set up across from the walk-in gate entrances on the grass.

PARKING: Free parking can be found in the Dufferin Islands Park which is across the street from the Marineland front entry gates.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about the demo please contact:






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