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PART 1 - World's Largest Environmental Lawsuit in Ecuador

by The Real News

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Currently, the world's largest environmental lawsuit is underway against Chevron-Texaco in Ecuador. This has been held up in court for over 18 years.

For decades Chevron has put profit ahead of the communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Chevron's PR campaign machine has continuously suppressed facts and the truth by barraging the media with misrepresentation about its actions and responsibility. However, 30,000 indigenous people of the Amazon are fighting for compensation against Texaco (now Chevron), accused of 3 decades of toxic dumping in Amazon.

The Real News is covering this historical struggle. Watch the December 22 report here. 

The second part, to air on December 23rd, will feature an interview with Santiago Escobar, a member of Barrio Nuevo.

The communities undertaking this struggle need your support. If you'd like more information or want to get involved with the campaign directly.


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Topics: Environment

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