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Quebec student movement

March 6, 2013 • Toronto Media Co-op

AW@L Radio - Smash the State Report: Mar. 1, 2013.

February in Review from + quebec student strike redux? Toronto G20 police repression goes international with 2 extradition arrests inthe US and more!!

» Listen: by Dan KellarAW@L Radio

August 16, 2012 • Toronto Media Co-op

Montreal CEGEP Students vote and demo August 13th

» Video: Watch by Mike Roy - 1 comments

August 9, 2012 • Toronto Media Co-op

Student Workshop Debriefing + Strike Update

Quebec and Ontario students gear up for movement

» Listen: by Brendan Stone

August 2, 2012 • Toronto Media Co-op

The noise of pots risk to resonate well beyond Quebec..

» Video: Watch by Mike Roy

July 29, 2012 • Toronto Media Co-op

Fighting for a Future Worth Living

CLASSE Members Speak in Toronto About the Future of the Quebec Student Movement

» Story: by Lucid

May 7, 2012 • Coop Média de Montréal

Riot police turn bus into Victoriaville jail cell

A first hand account from the Québec student strike

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