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The noise of pots risk to resonate well beyond Quebec..

by Mike Roy

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The noise of pots risk to resonate well beyond Quebec..

The weekend of July 27th-29th students from all over Ontario and Quebec got together in Toronto for the "Ontario student strike workshops"..

This is fast becoming a global movement, which highlights the struggle for a accessible education that transcends all borders due to the fact that the majority of countries are grappling with budget cuts in education, while tuition fees explode. At the same time this is helping to spread the General Assembly model, bringing empowered students together to make collective decisions and begin dialogue about common concerns.


Personally it was a fantastic weekend, the workshops were very informative and helped shine a light on the avenues that we can take collectively to form and maintain a mass movement in Ontario and the rest of world.

Videos of the work shops will be up soon, please check out the great artical posted below.

**Saturday night rally video: <--HD link.


Mike Roy

The Indignants Media & Media Co-op


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Topics: Education

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