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99:Dispatches from Occupy Toronto. Issue 4.

Print broadsheet from the Toronto Media Co-op

by Toronto Media Co-op

99:Dispatches from Occupy Toronto. Issue 4.

Issue #4 of 99, a new broadsheet covering Occupy Toronto, produced by your friendly indie journalists at the Toronto Media Co-op.  This issue features:

Rain Soaks Camp but Can't Quench Hopes by Megan Kinch

The Undocumented 99%  by Gurdit Singh

Photos by Mike Barber

In Brief: Occupy around the World

Occupy TO-Happenings 

99 is a project of Toronto Media Co-Op which operates as an independent outlet for citizen journalism, radical media and non-corporate coverage of the Occupy Toronto movement and related global struggles.

This issue is edited by Justin Saunders and Megan Kinch, with layout by Alex Hundert.

(Issue #1  Issue #2 Issue #3 also online)

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98 words


only in pdf?

Is downloading the PDF the only way to read these stories?

Hey sorry about that, we are

Hey sorry about that, we are trying to post the pieces as individual stories online but we fell behind for this issue.  I'll post them up now as stories.  The PDF version will usually be slightly different due to the length restrictions of 99, and also they might get additional editing.  Also, we probably won't post the briefs a their own stories (unless there is demand for it) as they are mainly intended for people occupying the park who don't have regular internet. That said, if you want them posted ask and we'll do it.  Am posting the two stories from this issue of 99 right now as their own stories on the TMC.

There, the stories are online

There, the stories are online now and linked to in the above article. Sorry for the trouble.

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