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State of Siege in Vilcun (Wallmapu) over Death of Estate Owner

Chilean State vows reprisals re: action on Jan. 4th leading to the arson/death of Luchsinger Estate Owners, place where Matias Catrileo was murdered by police during 5th Anniversary

by Pais Mapuche - Translated by WCCC

Chilean Government representatives on further militarization of Wallmapu
Chilean Government representatives on further militarization of Wallmapu

January 4th, 2013

Chilean Police launches grand police operative in the township of Cautín, especially within the area of Yeupeko, entering into various communities such as Juan Catrilaf, Yeupeko Katrileo, Juan Quintrupil, the area of Natre, Llamuco etc, after an action was carried out on the mourning [of January 4th] against those responsible for the death of Matias Catrileo, the Luchsingers, usurpers of Mapuche territory.

A Mapuche community member was shot and detained, and is being charged for this action, held prisoner in Temuco Hospital. The Prosecutor in charge, Alberto Chifelle, solicited the extension of various arrests to 7 days and the absolute reservation of the investigation for six months.

There have been numerous confrontations in some communities, since territorial control impedes the police from raiding Mapuche Territory.

The Chilean President has declared an implicit State of Siege in the area, and pointed out the increase of military presence, calling for84 additional officers [now 400], armoured vehicles, and a new helicopter. He also confirmed his request to the Director of the National Intelligence Agency (ANI) to seek out “useful” information from the Armed Forces to “increase effectiveness and efficiency against terrorism.” Moreover, the renewed application of the Antiterrorist Law will not only mean the amplification of police powers, but also increased number of arrests and set-ups against our Warriors and communities, as was the case previously, therefore we should expect a greater repressive attack.

Militarization does NOT Intimate Us

Despite the grand police deployment in the area of Cautín, Weichafes [Warriors] of the area in conflict have occupied this afternoon have occupied the Estate of the Puig family, usurpers of our territory.  The Estate remains currently occupied, however we anticipate a prompt police intervention through land and air. A confrontation is expected in the hours of the afternoon, since the reclamation is said to be indefinite.

The Mapuche People Do Not Twist their Arm

In the same way when a police officer died in Chekenko, the Chilean State is placing all of its efforts into mobilizing a great police and military contingent in the area. We also see how racism has become the centre of commentary of the estate owners in the area calling for what seems like an actual Mapuche hunt, and of course the government ran to save its partners, those that have not understood to leave Wallmapu.

The war that the Chilean State has maintained against our Mapuche Nation has been carried out for over 130 years and during that time there have been thousands of murdered Mapuche. Ever since the military occupation of Wallmapu in 1861, the Mapuche People have struggled to recover its independence through any means possible, but things have worsened rather than improved.

They have killed thousands of our brothers, Lemun, Catrileo, Collio; these have been the latest of our martyrs killed in this long genocidal war. However, we do not expect the Chilean State to bring justice to these deaths; it did not nor will it ever bring justice. Therefore justice is in our hands in reclaiming our territory, reconstructing our ancient Wallmapu with independence and sovereignty that our ancestors had before the invasion.

País Mapuche

Translated and Distributed by:

The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

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